Automotive Class with Mr. Schmidt

April 17, 2015

Students enjoy the new engine on the run stand with the sound of success!

The Automotive students are having a lot of fun.  We have received more of our equipment for the shop the last three weeks. We received six 350 engines, six manual transmissions, engine stands, an engine run stand, tire machine, wheel balancer and brake lathe.

Students assembled an engine on the run stand and started the engine.  The students really enjoyed learning how an engine works and watching it run outside of a vehicle.  Students learned how to mark rods and main bearing caps to start disassembling engines.

The tire machine and wheel balancer should be ready to go by the end of next week. We are looking forward to learning and using all the new equipment.

Students are turning brake rotors and drums on the brake lathe, learning to use micrometers to measure rotor and drum thickness, and checking to make sure they are still within specifications.

Congratulations go out to several students who have completed and received OSHA certification cards.

Below: Preparing to start the new engine are Juan Sarmiento, Blake Casper, Leo Becerra, Austyn Plummer, and Keenon Kincheloe


Working hard in the shop on the new equipment.

OSHA Certification Cards were earned by some more automotive students.