November 17, 2015

We are now taking bids for the piglets the High School students have been enjoying for the past six weeks.  Below are separate photos of each.  To see a video of them in action, please visit our Facebook page.  In a bunch they are still skittish, especially around Mom, but alone they are becoming addicted to all the attention they can get, from ear and chin scratching to full belly rubs.  The spotted one with the large white stripe is especially “needy”.  Whenever scratched under his chin, he automatically drops, and rolls over on his back, expecting a belly rub, to which he responds with quiet grunts of satisfaction. 

If interested, you can stop by the High School and look at them.  There are three neutered males and three females. They have been given iron, and antibiotic shots, and have had their needle teeth clipped. (Also, known as “wolf teeth”.  These teeth names are easy to understand after one of them nips your finger!) 

 If interested in buying one…or five, simply send Brad Schott your bid at  We would like to see bids start at $100.  This should about take care of our feed, and vet bills over the past few weeks, and from research appear to be a fair market price for these little guys. 

(Note:  The smallest spot is already gone in a trade to keep Momma over the winter and have her rebred.) 

Thank You, Brad Schott, Ag Instructor