Thinking About Their Futures!

February 18, 2013

Mrs. Chesley's English 2 classes and Miss Weidner's English 2 and Basic English classes got a unique opportunity last Tuesday.  For their research project, each student was able to pick two professions they were interested in pursuing after completing the KUDER Careers Assessment.  They picked two occupations to help create a career fair where students could sit in small groups with professionals to learn about their career by interviewing them.  

During the special career fair that was held, students were placed in groups with professionals from the community to interview them on various topics about their occupation such as educational background, daily tasks, likes/dislikes, etc.  With 185 students and 31 professionals, students were eager to start thinking about their future and what things they can do now to lead to success.

As they complete their research projects, students will write about their interview, what the profession entails, classes needed in order to pursue that degree, and college options.  They will also complete a resume to build on up to their senior year.  Overall, the event was very positive for community members, staff, and students!