The ACT is Coming!

April 11, 2013

As school is winding down, most thoughts turn to summer and vacation fun.  Juniors need to be thinking ACT.  The ACT is the college entrance exam of choice for four year colleges in Nebraska and the surrounding states.  It is ideal for Juniors to take the exam in April or June of their Junior year in order to explore the exam in real time to see how it works.  It can be used as practice for the main exam, which takes place in October of the Senior year.  Juniors will find out which areas they might need more practice in and what their stronger areas are.

This year the ACT is being given here in Lexington on April 13th beginning at 8:00am.  Those who are already registered must bring their registration, a photo ID, a calculator and #2 lead pencils.

If you decide it’s too late for the April test, register on line at for the June 8th test.  Registration deadline is May 3rd.  Please ask your counselor for help if you need it.

Whenever you do it, it is very important and helpful to take the ACT at least once before the October test your Senior year.