Testing Time!

April 4, 2013

The library has turned into a testing center once again!  Students are busy taking their NeSa Reading, Math, and Science tests along with the MAP Reading and Math assessments.  Only juniors are taking the NeSa tests.  They are the state tests that we are required to take.  All students except for some seniors will take the MAP assessments.

            Even though both tests are important, the teachers and students find the MAP assessment to be very helpful.  The MAP test is a test that is focused on student growth.  Students take a MAP Math and Reading test.  Not only do the test results show student improvement, they also show areas of strength and weakness so that teachers can meet their students' educational needs.  The scores are also used for class placement. Even though testing is not very exciting, we are proud to say our students are taking their time and trying their hardest. Hopefully, their hard work will pay off and they will be honored at the Academic Pep-Rally for meeting their MAP goals or MAP power goals.