Technology in the Classroom!

October 7, 2011

Today I would like to continue our discussion about the use of technology within the classroom.  The site I would like to expose you to today is the collaborize classroom (, which is being used throughout several classes within the high school.   This is a creative tool for the classroom, as it allows a teacher to construct a site that the students can use for continued outside of class discussions about various topics that have been discussed in class.  Although it is similar to a blog, this is educationally based with topic moderators (the teacher), private forum, and with students being logged into their respective classes.  A teacher is then allowed to post or lead discussions within each class based on a free response, multiple choices, yes or no, and a survey question.  As a teacher we can respond to student responses, just as students can respond to the teachers and each other's responses as well.  This can be a valuable tool for those students that are much more comfortable discussing the class online instead of in a classroom setting.  Come take a look and be sure to ask your student how they used technology today!