Physical Science with Mr. Benge

January 28, 2014

This semester the students taking Physical Science with Mr. Benge have begun studying the physics portion of their textbook.  Recently the students were exploring the basics of motion.  In chapter 1 the students learned how to calculate speed of an object using distance and time traveled.  Unlike last semester in which the students did labs over chemistry topics, the students now are exploring this unit through laboratory experiments in which they must graph their data and calculate the speed using the slope of their graph.  These techniques have been a challenge for most because without a solid background in graphing the students at times felt as if they were learning two topics simultaneously.  However, all the students have been enjoying learning about motion much more than last semester's topics due to the fact that they are much more familiar with the idea of motion.  This semester will include many more labs and far less note taking due to the convenience that most topics in physics are easier to understand when the students can visually see how they work.  I have so far enjoyed watching the "light bulb moments" that have occurred during the labs and I can't wait to see how they pick up on topics that are less familiar to them!