Photography and Broadcasting Classes

December 10, 2013

     This semester has flown by.  The photography students are working on final pieces for their portfolios as well as preparing for their final exams.  Their final portfolio review will be an in-depth review of what they photographed this semester as well as the progress they have made in their photography skills.  A new method I am applying to the photography final is having students help to create a portion of the test.  Each week students have researched one influential photographer and recorded ten facts about the photographer's contributions to photography.  From there the students narrowed each list of ten facts down to the three most important facts.  Then the students were divided into two large groups to debate what the top three important facts were for each of the photographers.  I am hoping with the high repetition and rich discussions the students will easily recall the information they learned and will feel confident during the test. 

     Broadcasting just received the opportunity to now easily stream events live.  With the support of our technology staff and continued help of Matthew Kulhanek the students have learned how to use the new technology to provide viewers with live coverage of events at the high school.  The broadcasting students have also been producing a segment called photos of the week as well as a digital vision of the district calendar.  To view live streamed events visit  From there you can view sports streams or events being streamed at the middle school auditorium.