Photography Class and Foundations

September 18, 2013


This year LHS has given the students the opportunity to take a photography class. The students have already started on their first portfolio piece.  Each student picked a shape to find in nature, at school, and in their home.  After taking photographs of their shape the photos were cropped and edited in AdobePhotoshop.  Currently students are learning how to setup print ready documents. In the next weeks the students will be adding their photos to the document and starting a physical portfolio.


   Foundations of Leadership this year is being co-facilitated by Linda Moore and myself. Our thirty-two students have each decided upon one word to live by for the year.  The word they picked is to help them make the most out of their freshmen year.  They picked the word based on three questions; What do you need, what is in your way, and what needs to go?  The display of hands reaching toward our goal, "One word at a time," is available to view in the 400 hallway.  Although we are still learning about each other our two classes are able to work together to create a positive learning environment.  We have shown the students energizers to boost their learning readiness as well as silent time to help them relax and reflect.  One of our first hands on activities involved post it notes.  Each group had to take a whole pack of sticky notes and stick them to one group member.  By the end of the activity we had interesting human sculptures.  The sticky notes were then used by each student to write down two true statements about themselves and one false statement.  The class had to pick out who wrote each statement. This activity broke the ice and helped us all to learn about each student in the classroom.  The students are currently working on classroom agreements. The purpose of the classroom agreements are to make students feel comfortable and to encourage them to participate within the class.