February 6, 2013

Students in Pre-Algebra are converting between percents, fractions, and decimals.  Per cent means "per hundred". Percents are found all around us.  They are seen when there are sales.  We also see percents on the nutritional values of food.  Have you ever looked at the tag of the clothes that you wear?  Yes, there are percentages used there as well.  When you buy something, there are taxes added to your total.  This is based off of a percent.  The students have talked about taking out loans for college, vehicles, and houses.  They have also discussed different interest rates on credit cards.  The overall goal is to get the students comfortable with setting up the given data to find what is unknown.  For example, if 96% of the 300 students passed the test, how many passed?  Can you set it up?  The solution is 288.