No Sew - Recycled Ottomans

December 12, 2013

Mrs. Gydesen's Housing class at LHS designed and constructed 'green' ottomans this semester.  The base of the ottoman is Styrofoam.  With new lap top computers received this year the Technology Department had LOTS of Styrofoam containers, which they graciously donated to the project. 

The LHS Library also donated old magazines, which the students bound together and attached in the bottom of the Styrofoam.  The containers were taped together. 

The students cut out old cardboard for the tops and the bottoms of the ottomans.  The tops of the ottomans are padded with left over batting from other projects. 

Mr. Hoyt donated 'recycled' wood scraps for the feet.  Most of the students painted the feet with old left over paint.  Each student purchased their own fabric, taking into consideration where the ottoman would be located in their home. 

The fabric was attached to the ottoman with wood staples.  This was a great project that the students enjoyed making.  They were very helpful to each other, offering assistance where needed!