News From the Counseling Office

March 10, 2014

Scholarship season is upon us!!  Several major scholarship deadlines have already passed and we had a good number of seniors apply.  Now the work on the many local and regional scholarships begins.  Again, they are listed on the LHS webpage under Counseling/Guidance and Scholarships.  Most have a deadline of APRIL 1st so seniors need to be working on them now.

Federal Financial Aid applications are also due as soon as possible.  EducationQuest has been to Lexington High School helping families file their FAFSA applications.  If you still need to do that, you are welcome to make an appointment with them in Kearney.  They will help you file your FAFSA and their help is free of charge.

As the 3rd quarter comes to an end please remember that this is not the time to slack off on your grades.  It is still very important to do your best as these grades will affect scholarships and admission to some schools.  Keep learning!