Ms. Clarks World History Classes

October 17, 2012

Last week, Ms. Clark's class recreated a medieval inquisition.  During the middle ages, the Inquisitions were used by the Roman Catholic Church to take care of heretics, or nonbelievers.  An inquisition included intense questioning and even torture in hopes of extracting a confession from heretics.  The World History classes recreated an inquisition and the results were boisterous.  In exchange for a lesser punishment, the accused were asked to name other heretics.  The students soon found it was easy to accuse classmates, so the accusations flew around the room.  Talk of witches, heretics, and nonbelievers filled the room and some students were even sentenced to torture to make them confess.  By the end of the inquisition, students expressed their thanks that this type of trial no longer existed - the thought of being tortured made them squirm