Mr. Schotts Welding and Agriculture Classes

November 18, 2012

There are three welding classes here at the high school, with 16 students per class.  Seven of the students are second year welders and Dedrick Meyer (the greatest resource I could have) has been working with them on various welding projects.  You may have seen the bird feeder a while back in the newspaper that they built for the retirement home next door.  Below is the next project some will be working on - a lifted wagon:

We're thinking it would be a fun thing to give kids rides in during half-time at the ball games.  If you know of any junker 4-wheelers with the wheels, we are interested!


The beginning students are learning basic welding skills in the following welding processes: OxyGas Welding, Stick  Arc Welding, Wire Arc Welding, TIG welding, and various metal cutting methods.  There is a lot to know about each process and it takes a lot of practice to get to the level they need to be at before they can build things, but they are getting it.

There are two beginning Ag classes consisting mainly of ninth graders.  Some things they have done to date are: planted Poinsettias, arc welded, had a good ole pioneer wood chopping contest (first learning how the axe is forged - adding a little chemistry, physics and history to the lesson). They have really enjoyed doing PowerPoint presentations on, so far, the pig, the chicken, the cow and other ag topics.  I bait them with about 20 questions and off they go on a Google information scavenger hunt.  They must tell at least three jokes about each animal and they better make me laugh if they want any kind of grade!  Ask any of them any question about either the pig, chicken or cattle and odds are they know the answer.  Current they are learning about power systems.  We are dismantling small engines, learning the parts and how they work and what tools are used. I have also secured two V-6 car engines to take apart.  By the time we are done they will understand most everything there is to know about what happens under the hood of their cars.


The Ag II class consist of 8 eleventh graders who have already had taken agriculture courses.  We are on a course to meet the Nebraska Agriculture Curriculum Standards by the time they graduate next year.  Most of the class to date has focused on conservation of natural resources and how that relates to agriculture.  We have had good discussions on this subject as it relates to current events, namely water issues, and the drought.  We have also addressed current issues concerning sustainable agriculture, animal welfare, and how we are going to feed an exploding human population.