November 17, 2011

            It's been a great semester for Mr. Truax's English 9 class.  We started out with a unit delving into Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.  For six weeks, we read, acted out, and analyzed the classic play written in the 1590's.  Although the language used in the play presented some obstacles, the students did an outstanding job of translating the strange speech and finding the true crux of the story. 

            After creating and displaying presentations over the Renaissance Period, students read the play, took quizzes, and wrote responses to the action that took place scene by scene.  Students also had the opportunity to watch two versions of the play on film, one from 1968 and another version made in 1996.  Students wrote a five paragraph essay comparing and contrasting the differences between the two versions.

            After our six week journey through Romeo and Juliet, students started work on the writing process.  Specifically, we began an autobiography unit.  In the first chapter of our autobiography, students wrote about their Birth and Early Childhood.  They brought pictures and decorated a cover page of their first chapter.  In the second chapter, the students wrote about education.  Topics ranged from favorite and least favorite subjects, favorite teachers, and memorable school experiences.  Again, students were asked to decorate a cover page using pictures and reminders of their school years.

            Currently we are working on a grammar unit, starting with the parts of speech.  We are tackling nouns this week, with pronouns and verbs to follow soon.  We're having fun, and learning about English every day.