Lights Out on First Day

August 13, 2014

A dark gym is not a typical place students like to start off the school year.  The first day of school began with freshmen orientation.  The students gathered in the gym and were addressed by Principal Kyle Hoehner to explain the school-wide agreements and some of the disciplinary procedures.  English teacher and Gathering of Champions coordinator, Jess McHargue, gave a presentation about the G.O.C. program.             

Suddenly the lights went out and techno music filled the gym.  Glowstick dancers emerged from the darkness and put the crowd in a trance with their mesmerizing choreography.  Pops of color came to sight once the students broke their glow sticks.  Each student found their place in the group based on the color of their glow stick.  Immediately the students began to serve others through their actions.  The small groups completed various projects around the school including laying mulch, picking up trash, cleaning the east patio, harvesting vegetables, stocking printers, taking down the discus net, and replanting the Christopher Estrada Memorial Tree. 

The freshmen reconvened in the West gym and were introduced to their Foundations of Leadership teacher.  With the help of their Destination Graduation team leaders the students were given guided tours of the high school.  The freshmen spent the rest of their first day navigating the hallways and learning the ins and outs of the High School.