EnglishRolling Through The New Year

February 5, 2014

The second semester is in full swing, which means the students have already started the countdown to summer vacation - the count is around some 75 days!  As we quickly passed through January, the students in Mr. Mac's room found the Second Semester to be full of surprises.  The first, being Reading is Knowledge Project.  Instead of counting and keeping track of AR Points, the students have been challenged to read a total of five books this quarter.  The requirement asks for two non-fiction and three fiction books in the nine-week quarter.  As can be expected, this was met with groans and gasps of bewilderment; however, there has been an explosion of reading in my classroom!  As part of the assignment, students must post and comment on the "Reading Corner" page, and then create commercials recommending their finished book.  The outcome has been greater than expected as students are asking their peers for the next great book to read!  Another change has been centered around a focus on non-fiction reading material.  This switch challenges students to dive into the "boring" genre of literature (as one student was quick to point out!).  Along with this, students are learning skills such as; highlighting, paraphrasing, note card making, and patience!  These skills are then being mastered as they create their group biography projects, which in turn will be applied to the dreaded research paper down the road!  Clearly, it is safe to say that the students in English 1 CT/ECT are working hard in 2014, so when you get the chance, encourage your student to keep up the hard work and start the new year with an A+!


Jess "Mr. Mac" McHargue