Elizabethan Feast

April 30, 2012

Seniors in Mrs. Anderbery's first period English class are studying Shakespeare's shortest play Macbeth. As part of the Shakespeare experience, an Elizabethan feast was held to mark the occasion. Students used recipes from web sites, and two books from the high school library, Shakespeare's Kitchen by Francine Segan and Dining with William Shakespeare by Madge Lorwin. Students worked in pairs or small groups to create the dishes. Sallets (Salad) "Spring Lettuce with Chive Flowers" and "Endive with Edible Flowers" were served with a goose, shepherd's pie, rice pudding, and an Elizabethan cookie. Although the feast attendants in Shakespeare's time would have been served a five-course meal that lasted for days, these party-goers reveled to Shakespearean music and watched a video on theatrical fencing. A good time was had by all.