Education Quest and LHS

November 5, 2013

Lexington High School and Education Quest have partnered to support Lexington High School seniors for the third year.  LHS was chosen to form a partnership that allows one Education Quest employee to spend two days a month at our high school.  Stacy Seim has been a regular in the halls for the third year in a row.  She has been an invaluable resource to counselors, parents and students.  This fall, Stacy has been helping students with resumes and scholarship searches.  She will participate in this week's Senior Seminar by leading students through a Reality Check scenario and demonstrating how students can use a college estimator to see if they might qualify for financial aid.  Stacy will be back on November 19th, along with RJ Vega from the Lincoln office, to present to parents and students about the financial aid process.  In the spring Stacy Seim and RJ will help parents and students complete their financial aid, known as the FAFSA.  Partnering with Education Quest and having Stacy support counselors, parents and students with her expertise has been a win for Lexington High School.  LHS hopes to partner with Education Quest long into the future. 


Cyndi Hoyt