American History News

February 28, 2014

This month in Mr. Frauen's American History class, students have been discussing President Kennedy and President Johnson's administration.  So throughout the last week we have been discussing the agenda's of both presidents, going from the New Frontier to the Great Society of President Johnson.  The students have tied in some the difficulties that President Kennedy faced early in his presidency.  One of the big issues was the Cuban Missile Crisis, as the students connected the issues with cold war and the U.S. concerns with Cuba.  They analyzed the causes and effects of the crisis and how it may have affected Americans during 1962.  Just to help them understand the severity of the crisis, we even look at the duck and cover drills they use to conduct in schools during the cold war.  We explored the thirteen days in October that really had a nation afraid of a nuclear war and how common it was for people to look at having a bomb shelter.  From the New Frontier and the Great Society, students will then be going into discussions on Civil Rights.