Agriculture Education Notes

August 12, 2014

As you may have noticed around the ag buildings, there are quite a few different things growing.  We utilize the greenhouse to it fullest (and then some!) in the spring.  This year we started hundreds of perennial flowers in the greenhouse to plant around our buildings.  Feel free to stop and walk around and look at the details in the flowers and grasses.  They're amazing!  Also watch as the grasses turn color this fall.  I'm working on getting metal stakes with labels for each plant.  The most important part of the project is the learning that occurs.  A few students worked almost everyday through the middle of June.  Below are a couple of pictures of these "top hands".  Francisco is kneeling by a Nebraska Black Cherry Tree.  Norma, Sandra, and Maria are busy in the greenhouse.  These young folks were a delight to work with and I very much appreciated their help.

Brad Schott,  Agriculture Instructor