6003 Instructional Program

6003 Instructional Program

  1. The minimum number of instructional hours in the school year will be 1080 for middle school and high school students, 1032 for elementary students, and 1032 for kindergarten students, exclusive of lunchtime.

  2. The district may establish special programs for individual students that may deviate from these requirements. All special programs must either be adopted pursuant to applicable law or approved by the superintendent in advance. Prior to the district’s commencement of a specialized program, the district will provide the student’s parents or guardians with notice of the program.

  3. The board, acting with the advice of the administration and certificated staff, will adopt a curriculum and procure textbooks and materials to support that curriculum. The administration and certificated staff will design instructional strategies and assessments to implement the curriculum.

  4. To the extent possible, practice for, travel to, and participation in activities sponsored by the Nebraska School Activities Association and the Nebraska Department of Education will be scheduled outside of instructional time. Individual student absences because of illness or family-centered activities will be governed by district attendance policies.

  5. The board intends to strike a sensible balance between the time spent on academics and time spent on extra-curricular activities, acknowledging that both work and play are important in each student’s total development and education.

    Adopted on: February 9, 2015
    Revised on: April 9, 2018
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