5006 Foreign Exchange Students

5006 foreign exchange students

The school district may accept a ­­foreign exchange student on a non-tuition basis if the student is sponsored by an organized exchange program that is acceptable to the board of education, approved for enrollment, and resides with a host family that lives within district boundaries.

A foreign student is not entitled to tuition-free schooling in the school district merely because he or she resides with a family within the district.  The host family and/or sponsoring exchange program must file an application with the administration to enroll the student.  In reviewing the application, the administration will consider the following factors:

 whether the student possesses a sufficient command of the English language;

 whether an appropriate program is available;

 whether the student meets the general admission requirements for the school; and

 such other factors as are relevant to the admission of the student.

Foreign exchange students who are accepted and enrolled will be subject to all policies and regulations governing the conduct and behavior of resident students.


Adopted on: February 10, 2013

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