4058 Wellness Leave Policy

4058 wellness leave policy

Lexington Public Schools worksite wellness programs are designed to improve the quality of life for LPS employees who choose to participate. Participation in these wellness programs is voluntary and outside the scope of an employee’s job duties. Lexington Public Schools encourages employees to annually complete a health assessment and receive routine physical examinations. An employee will be allowed to devote a percentage of his or her time on the job to complete a district approved health assessment if it is available online or is otherwise provided at the employee’s work location. The Superintendent or designee will notify employees of the district approved health assessment to be used each school year.

An employee may be awarded up to eight (8) hours of wellness leave per fiscal year as a participation incentive if he or she completes:

  1. the district approved health assessment and,
  2. at least two (2) of the following examinations:
    • a routine physical examination from the employee’s primary care provider
    • a routine well woman visit
    • a routine dental exam
    • a routine vision exam

Wellness leave shall be prorated by employee FTE. Wellness leave per fiscal year, per employee, shall not exceed eight (8) hours. Wellness leave must be used as one eight-hour increment. Wellness leave does not accrue and is not paid upon separation from Lexington Public Schools. Use of wellness leave must be scheduled in advance with the approval of the employee’s supervisor. Functions of the district take priority in scheduling leave. Recordkeeping will be handled by the business department. An employee may request wellness leave be  pre-approved or  after-the fact. Pre-approved wellness leave shall be requested by the employee if he or she wishes to use the leave time to complete the required examinations. If an employee requests pre-approved wellness leave and the required documentation is not subsequently submitted, he or she must use vacation leave or personal leave for his or her absence. If the employee is not eligible for vacation leave or personal leave, he or she will be required to take unpaid leave (hourly staff) or docked pay (salaried staff). After-the-fact wellness leave should be requested by the employee if the employee has completed the required examinations during non-work hours or when using a sick-leave request and the employee wishes to use wellness leave at his or her discretion.

To receive wellness leave, the employee must provide the following documents to the business department:

  1. Lexington Public Schools Coversheet for Wellness Leave Documentation Submission
  2. a district-approved form substantiating the employee’s completion of the district-approved health assessment; and
  3. acceptable documentation substantiating the completion of at least two (2) approved routine examinations from the employee’s care provider.

Note: The business department and/or employee supervisor must not request additional medical information from the employee. After receiving and verifying this documentation, the business department will notify the employee and employee’s supervisor of eligibility or ineligibility for wellness leave. If the employee is determined to be eligible for wellness leave, the business department will allow access to wellness leave in the timeclock system so the employee may submit his or her request for supervisor approval. Wellness Leave is recorded in the timeclock as “Wellness Leave.” If the business department determines the employee is ineligible for leave based on the documentation received, the business department will provide an explanation to the employee.

Adopted on: May 14, 2012

Reviewed on: __________

Revised on: May 11, 2015