4015 Prohibition Against Employment of Board Members

4015 Prohibition Against Employment of Board Members

Nebraska statutes recognize the inherent conflict of interest that is created when a member of the board of education serves as a certificated employee of the district.  Consequently, section 79-544 of the statutes prohibits a board member from being employed as a teacher in a school district where he or she also serves on the board.

A conflict of interest is also created when a board member serves simultaneously as both a board member and an employee in any capacity, whether certified or non-certified.  Therefore, a board member shall not be employed by the school district when serving on the board.  If an employee is elected or appointed to the board, his or her employment shall be terminated upon being seated on the board.  Because of the conflict that is created by a board member applying for employment while sitting on the board, a board member who wishes to apply for employment shall be required to resign from the board before applying. Notwithstanding any other provision of this policy, a board member is not prohibited from working for the school district in any capacity on a sporadic, occasional, or substitute basis. Board members who are employed by the district on such bases are strictly prohibited from discussing any issue with students, staff or parents in their capacity as an employee that may come before the board.

This policy does not prohibit the board from contracting with members of the board for services or products when the relationship is not one of employer/employee and such contracts are in compliance with the requirements of statute and board policy regarding conflicts of interest.

Adopted on: July 8, 2013

Revised on: June 13, 2016

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