3024 Booster Clubs & Parent-Teacher Organizations

3024 Booster Clubs and Parent-Teacher Organizations Policy

Parent-teacher organizations and booster clubs (collectively, “Supporting Entities”) promote goodwill throughout the community and strengthen educational programs via parental and community involvement in the district.  However, the district’s involvement in Supporting Entities may result in negative legal and political consequences. 

Supporting Entities are separate entities from the district and board. District employees may not participate in Supporting Entities in their capacity as a district employee. In-school announcements for Supporting Entity sponsored functions must provide a clear indication that the function is sponsored by the Supporting Entity.

Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, an administrator employed by the district may attend the meetings of the Supporting Entity.  An administrator who attends Supporting Entity meetings must strongly recommend that the Supporting Entity adopt the following policies:

  • The Supporting Entity should legally establish itself as a Nebraska Nonprofit Organization.
  •   The Supporting Entity should require that
  • all checks written out of the Supporting Entity’s checking account contain two signatures;
  • sales slips, receipts, or invoices for every expenditure be provided to the Supporting Entity’s treasurer and kept in the Supporting Entity’s records; and
  •  bank statements be reviewed and approved by the Supporting Entity treasurer and reconciled by a Supporting Entity officer that does not have check-signing authority.

Supporting Entities may only use the district’s facilities for meetings or public activities, and may only use the district’s names, logos, or mascots, upon prior written approval of a district administrator.


Adopted on: February 11, 2013
Revised on: _________________________
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