3011 Transportation

3011 Transportation

The school district will provide free transportation, partially provide free transportation, or pay an allowance for transportation in lieu of free transportation on each day school is in session to the students who reside in the district and qualify for transportation according to the district’s transportation plan.  The families of students who will not be provided transportation pursuant to the district’s plan or who must drive students to a pick-up point will be reimbursed according to statute if they qualify for such reimbursement.  Parents seeking mileage reimbursement must submit requests to the district on forms which may be obtained from the office of the Superintendent of Schools. 

When a student who has been attending the district is placed into foster care, school district staff will collaborate with state and local child welfare agencies to determine whether transportation is required under state law when it is in the child’s best interest that their school of origin be maintained.  The district will only provide transportation to students placed in foster care when the responsible child welfare agency agrees to reimburse the school district for the cost of transportation or when transportation is otherwise required by law.  The board designates the Student Services Director as the initial point of contact for child welfare agency representatives to discuss transportation issues related to children in foster care. 

Students who are homeless will be provided with transportation pursuant to Board Policy 5014.

The district will provide transportation to tuition students in accordance with the contract provisions, if any, for services from the contracting districts.

The use of buses for class parties, field trips, and similar purposes shall require the prior approval of the superintendent or appropriate principal.


Adopted on: December 10, 2012
Revised on: June 12, 2017
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