Instrumental and Vocal Music

Instrumental and Vocal Music Lettering Requirements

# of Points Requirements
30 Small ensemble rehearsal credit each nine weeks
10 Playing for a pep rally
30 Playing for a football game
10 Playing for each sporting contest
10 Singing/Solo performance of the National Anthem
40 For a I at any contest for the whole band or chorus
35 For a II at any contest for the whole band or chorus
30 Parade performance
50 Jazz Band or Swing Choir
20 Jazz Band or Swing Choir concert
30 Concert Band or Concert Choir concerts
50 Marching Band competition
20 Contest
10 School
15 Public gathering
20 Ensemble/small group performance at school
25 Ensemble/small group performance at a public place
Honor Bands and Choirs
50 Acceptance in band/choir
35 Alternate in band/choir
25 Auditioned for band/choir
15 Any office or section leader/leadership team
30 Drum Major
75* I
50* II
25* III
10* IV
*Earned for solo at District Music Contest

A letter will be given for every 600 points in band. A letter will be given for every 350 points in choir. 1 For each hour of work outside of band (must bring in a practice sheet signed by parents)

  • -  Points for outstanding efforts for the band or choir shall be rewarded at will by the director

  • -  The final decision for receiving a letter will always rest in the judgment of the director, even if all of the points have been achieved.

    4” and 6” chenille letter for “music”. Point totals will be revised each year by the music instructors for the next school year.