Football Timeline

Lexington Football Timeline


1897            Thanksgiving Day - First Lexington  Football game- score Lex 0 Gothenburg 4.  Christmas Day Lex scheduled to play at Gothenburg.

1898            First Coach - Prof. Delzell.
                   February 11 - First Lex/Cozad game-score Cozad 20 Lex 19

1899            First year of Association Football
                   First team Knick-name- "Tigers"

1901            November - First game between Lex Tigers (2) & Overton Alfalfas (0)

1907            Central & Western NE Champs - Co-State Champs with Omaha Central High.  Finished undefeated, only score known is a 23-5 win over Grand Island High.

1910            Forward pass becomes legal

1911            Orange and Black adopted as school colors (basketball pennant won with the colors)

1917-18       Guy Chamberlin (Head Coach) later became player for the original Chicago Bears

1919            Lexington become the "Colts"
                   Lexington defeats Gibbon 123-0 (largest Lex score in history)

1923            Lexington become the "Minutemen"

1928            Undefeated season 6-0-2 Coach Brian Harrell

1931            October 2, Lex plays its first night game at Kearney - win 7-6.  Coach Monte Kiffin

1933            Lex scores only 39 points in 10 games (3.9 avg)(record)

1934            First season on new field (Jr. High field).  First home night game.

1946            Class B Central NE State Champs 8-1-0.  Coach Willis Trupp

1948            Worst defeat in Lexington history (Lex 0 Cozad 51)
                   Opponents score 243 points in 9 games (27.0 avg)(record)

1955            Record 0-9-0.  Only season Lex never won a game.  Coach Merle Applebee

1957            Class A State Champs 8-0-0.  Coach Merle Applebee
                   Outscored opponent 238 (29.8 avg) to 6 (0.8 avg)(record)
                   North Platte only team to scored 33-6
                   Also defeated Broken Bow, Cozad, Gothenburg, Holdrege, Kearney, McCook, & Omaha Westside
                  Curtis cancelled due to a flu epidemic

1967            October 20 - First game at Memorial Stadium- Lex 27 Holdrege 34

1970            Undefeated season 8-0-1.  Coach Noel Martin

1972            Undefeated Class B State Champs 9-0-0.  Coach Noel Martin
                   Outscored opponents 258 (28.7 avg) to 71 (7.9 avg)
                   Defeated Broken Bow, Cozad, Gothenburg, Holdrege, Kearney, McCook, Minden, Ogal, Ord

1973            Undefeated Class B State Champs 10-0-0.  Coach Noel Martin
                   Outscored opponent 403 (40.3 avg)(record) to 47 (4.7 avg)
                   Defeated same teams as above plus Omaha Cathedral

1975            First year of state playoffs and tiebreakers

1976            Lex qualifies for first State Playoffs.  Loses to Schuyler 6-31 first round.
                   8-2-0 record.   Coach Dennis Thorell

1980            Lex qualifies for State Playoffs.  Loses 0-28 to GICC first round.
                   8-2-0 record.  Coach Dennis Thorell

1983            First overtime game.  Lex defeats Cozad 14-13

1988            State Runner-Up.  10-3-0 (record for games played in a season)
                   1st year for Coach Ron Laux
                   1st State Playoff victory
                   Lost in finals to Blair 14-26

1989            Lex qualifies for State Playoffs.  Loses 13-15 to Centura 2nd round.
                   9-2-0 record.  Coach Ron Laux

1990            Lex qualifies for State Playoffs.  Loses 7-16 to Pierce 2nd round.
                   9-2-0 record.  Coach Ron Laux

1991            Lex qualifies for State Playoffs.  Loses 6-24 to Imperial 1st round.
                   8-1-0 record.  Coach Ron Laux

1992            State Runner-Up.  10-2-0.  Coach Ron Laux.  Lost in finals to Elkhorn 12-36

1993            Lex qualifies for State Playoffs.  Loses 0-6 to McCook 1st round.
                   6-3-0 record.  Coach Ron Laux

1995            Lex qualifies for State Playoffs.  Loses 6-14 to McCook 2nd round
                   6-4-0 record.  Coach Ron Laux

1996            100th Season of Football for Lexington